Wich antivirus is best out of these 2?

Answer Kasperskey internet security 6.0. i am using the trial. Works great and I plan to buy it. Try the trial run.Look under cnet.

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Which "of these 4" antivirus is the best?

I personally would recommened avast! instead. Its brilliant, updates on a daily basis and i have never had a virus. Its free too.Or avira, although i have never used it, i know people that do an... Read More »

Which free antivirus program is best of these three?

While AVG 2011 is a vast improvement, Avast remians the most effective and lightest of the free anti-viruses its also the only one with a web and network shield that blocks malicious URLs before th... Read More »

Wich one of these graphic cards are better?

difficult to verify as both are off-the-charts bad. no place to look it up even for comparison. if i had to guess, i'd say the radeon is better.

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