Whys everyone hatin on wiki!!?

Answer Destiny, I am pleased that you "love wiki". I think that is a good demonstration for the folks who wonder who exactly is Wikipedia intended to satisfy. For background, there are also your other r... Read More »

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I've heard a rumor about Chick-fil-a's new queer hatin' sandwich...?

I have heard the same thing. I doubt they will actually name it that. I am a gay man and I support chick fil a. I would NEVER want a business or person to change their views to conform. I would not... Read More »

Is and WikiLeaks related They both have wiki in them Does Wiki mean something bad?

They are not related. Think of it this way: both New York City and Ho Chi Minh City have the word "city" in their names, but they aren't the same place and they don't share a municipal government.... Read More »

Whys my 3g not working?

Try removing the back cover, taking your battery out, putting it back in, putting the cover back on, and turn the phone back on

Werealldoooomed-vey Whys the internet playing up?

ha ha you posted a -vey in computers. lmao.