Why&how were masks used in greek theater?

Answer According to the Greek information group Hellenica, the exact origins of Greek theater have been lost in history, but we do know that masks were used in Greek theater from its birth in 600 B.C. to ... Read More »

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Why were masks used in Greek theater?

Masks were worn in Greek theater to differentiate among the characters on the stage all of whom were played by men. The mask also clearly portrayed the emotion of the character so that the audience... Read More »

How to Make Greek Masks?

The role of Greek masks in theater is rooted in practicality: they helped the actors showcase a variety of emotions, they allowed for quick costume changes when actors had to play a variety of char... Read More »

How to Make Asian Theater Paper Mache Masks?

Throughout Asia, masks have long been used in the theater. Originally rooted in religious ritual, theater masks eventually became a popular devise used in everything from formal productions to folk... Read More »

Information on Greek Theater?

The theater of ancient Greece flourished from about 500 B.C.E. to around 200 B.C.E., forming an important foundation of Western culture and cementing Greece's artistic heritage. Modern theater owes... Read More »