Why,after a drunken night out & a serious hangover?

Answer you`ve been out for drinkies have`nt you? naughty bunny!

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What are the side effects of a drunken one night stand?

What is the best thing for a serious hangover apart from drinking more alcohol?

bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, fried bread, mushrooms tomatoes, and tea, then go bact to bed and drink plenty of water

How do you drink all night and not have a hangover?

keep on drinking, once you stop the hangover starts.

I had this problem last night, could it be serious?

See the Dr, even if your symptoms start to clear up. I don't know what it could be, but blood in the digestive system is never a good sign. I think I'd be inclined to go to A&E if I had that much... Read More »