Why you have to keep a close eye on babies can't they watch themselves?

Answer Well. . .she would be her mother's dependent, so her mother is charged with taking care of her. It would probably be difficult to do that without her mother's permission. Also, minors in the U.S. (... Read More »

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Does anyone else find they don't enjoy food they have cooked themselves?

I'm a chef so yes. I prepare award winning food at work and then end up having beans on toast or a take-away at home!!

Why was my dinner tonight ruined by Vegetarian fascists Why can't they keep their "lifestyles" to themselves?

Uh oh, I think some hill-billy trailer park is missing it's main Republican!P.S.andy2kbaker- thanks for the laugh. You said everything I wanted to.

Frozen babies are normal like other babies do they have any abnormalities?

Answer There is not such a thing as "frozen babies". If you mean embryos, then there is no scientific proof that they are any more likely to result in a child with physical or mental disabilities ... Read More »

How would a person in the military pay apartment rent or bills while deployed or will they come back finding themselves evicted if they have no family to take care of things?

Check with your bank. They should have an automatic payment service. Most businesses, (credit cards, phone companies and so on,) offer automatic payment service. Look at the bottom of your monthly ... Read More »