Why you hate your sister?

Answer Little sisters mainly hate their big sisters. Because sometimes big sisters take it way to far just like my big sister takes it way to far she is pretty much 20 years old and i am pretty much 12. S... Read More »

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Why some women simply hate their husband's sister just because she is his sister i e if she weren't her sister-in-law she might get along great with her?

because women are naturally territorial. (The same may actually hold true for the sister by the way) Both of them are protective over the man and therefore it is competition at it's worst. Same pro... Read More »

You hate your sister what should you do?

You don't hate your sister. Hate is very strong word that's often over used. Your probably angry and frustrated. Take some time away from her and the situation and think about it later when your he... Read More »

What to do when you hate your sister in law?

talk to them tell them that you care for them and don't be mean back, try not to argue, or do physical contact also.

Why does my sister hate me and is so mean?

Siblings get jealous, fight and argue. It's what family is for!