Why write for Wikipedia What are the motivations of people who do work for free?

Answer They are social people who think about the education of others!

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Do famous people pay people to write their Wikipedia articles Or write them themselves?

Only the mildly famous write their own Wikipedia articles. The truly famous have enough crazed fans and anti-fans to write their article without being asked, whether or not the celebrity wants it.I... Read More »

How do the people who write wikipedia articles for celebrities get all their info?

How do Wikipedia and youtube work The quality is much to good to be free.?

Wikipedia purely works off donations, see…YouTube is a google company, and they use advertisements, they haven't been able to turn over a substantial profi... Read More »

What kinds of people write/edit wikipedia articles What do they typically do for a living Are they students?

It tends to be anyone at all from any background. The only thing that ties them to the article is an interest in that topic or desire to spread the knowledge they may have. In my experience there i... Read More »