Why wouldn't he accept my friends request on Facebook!?

Answer maybe he didn't really notice that it was from you or he didn't read it.. but then there's the chance that he's just not that into you... if yous' are friends and he likes you then i would figure t... Read More »

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If God is in Facebook, would you add him/accept his friend request?

Gives a whole new meaning to the words "Wall Post", doesn't it?

In Facebook, would it be weird to accept a friend request?

I ignore any and all facebook requests of people that I do not talk to. I've had people that I went to high school with who I was not friends with that would facebook me and I would click on ignor... Read More »

I accidently denied a friend request on facebook, now I can't add them to my friends, Am I screwed?

Did you accidentally block the person? You can check under "settings"-"privacy" on the top right hand corner of your facebookOtherwise - facebook has a glitch and you should wait, like other people... Read More »

My Hd tv was on then the was a loud zap sound, after which the tv smelt burnt and wouldnt accept any power?

The cause of the problem is not user-serviceable.Consult a repair shop.