Why Wouldnt This Kill Someone?

Answer Has to do with water's surface tension. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is hardly any surface tension because it has been broken by the falling water already. So you only feel the impact th... Read More »

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Whats one way u wouldnt want to die!!!?

I would not ever want to die these ways1. getting my arms and legs ripped off and letting me die painfully by bleeding 2.dying while awake3.getting stabbed4.getting eaten5.crushed to death6.Buried ... Read More »

Which celebrity wouldnt you kick out of bed?

Girls/Women: Would not be better if you wouldnt use make up?

I tend to agree, but everyone thinks I'm weird for not wearing it. I really don't like that hugely dark mascara/eyeshadow look that is popular now. I don't understand... it makes ladies look like t... Read More »

Baby kick :D and wish me luck (if u wouldnt mind)?

Hi HunI'm sure you will be fine!!Thats great to hear about your bump, dont worry too much cos billy will have plenty of chances to feel the little one playing football inside ur tummy lolLet us kno... Read More »