Why would your refrigerator be consuming more energy than usual?

Answer Someone may be leaving the door open for too long, or opening it too often or the door seal may be bad. If cool air keeps getting out and warm air keeps getting in then the fridge is going to have ... Read More »

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Throwing up more than usual?

Something is reacting badly to the meds you are on. You said smoking is making you puke so that's probably it. Even if it's something you've done for years medication can change random things about... Read More »

How come your little sister has more energy than you?

It could just be because she is younger than you.

For how much organic food is more expensive than usual one in USA?

Organic will cost you 60% more than the run-of-the-mill groceries. If you eat a lot of salad greens, Walmart's organic is not that much more expensive than the other. We have stores like Whole Food... Read More »

Is there a lot of bugs outside this year more than usual?

ahh their is some kinda beetle around here that is eating all my roses and stuff. i've tried everything and nothing works so i have to manually go out and pick them off