Why would your computer have a function that turns everything upside down..?

Answer If you are viewing something that you want to see upside down, and for graphic designers. Would you rather push a button of flip our screen upside down?

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How do turn a pc screen right side up after someone turns it upside down and i already tried ctrl+alt+arrowup?

On my video card rotation isn't listed under properties, but under the video card control panel, not to be confused with the regular Windows control panel. Also, as Frankie pointed out, I have com... Read More »

My computer screen is upside-down?

Well flip it back over...Ha Ha... Is it the old big ones or a flat screen?

My computer screen has gone upside down, how can i fix it?

Why is youtub upside down on my computer?

It's probably just a glitch. Sorry I can't help further.