Why would your computer have a function that turns everything upside down..?

Answer If you are viewing something that you want to see upside down, and for graphic designers. Would you rather push a button of flip our screen upside down?

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My computer - everything is upside-down plzz helpp me .. 10 POINTS !?

hold control, alt, and up. this should fix your problem XD

Why is everything on my screen upside down?

As had been suggested, alt+ctrl+up arrow.OR open control panel, open the Intel GMA/Extreme software click display settings and on the right (left for you?) where it says enable rotation, put the do... Read More »

How to Turn Your Computer Screen Upside Down?

There may be some reason your computer screen needs to be turned upside down. Perhaps you are mounting your monitor on the ceiling for example. Or maybe you just want to confuse a co-worker with an... Read More »

What do u do when your computer screen is upside down?

yup this same thing happened to me when my cat stepped on the keyboard.....its ctrl + alt + up arrow