Why would your cheeks swell up?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer You are probably allergic to something you are eating or something that you are involved with. The only way to know for sure is to eliminate certain things from your daily intake. ... Read More »

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Do your cheeks swell more if you have a dry socket?

Answer Not all the time, unless you have an infection too. Usually you would experience a lot of pain from a dry socket, a bad taste in your mouth, and a difficulty of opening the mouth.

Does PVC pipe swell?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping does swell slightly when exposed to elevated temperatures, certain gases, and some chemicals and compounds. Generally, the swelling in PVC piping is minor and will n... Read More »

Why does a bee sting swell?

The bee injects venom into the skin when it stings you. Your immune system goes on alert, and an allergic response is triggered. That brings extra blood supply into the area to fight off the inva... Read More »

What Is a Swell Test?

Geologists, engineers and farmers need to know the properties of the materials that they work with. A swell test is designed to provide information on how these materials expand and contract in cer... Read More »