Why would your broker have you filed a 1099?

Answer Gains from a sale, or interest earned on a deposit are income, and must be reported.

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Do i have to file a 1099 c if i filed bankruptcy?

Creditors are required to file Form 1099-C to report canceled debts and taxpayers must report these debts as income. However, taxpayers that have had their debts canceled through bankruptcy can fil... Read More »

If you filed a claim on your auto insurance to have repairs made would it be legal to keep the money and not have your vehicle repaired?

Answer this is a tricky question, ''illegal'' doubtful...dishonest, maybe...also many factors are dependent...first party? second party? more info is needed...

Where would I find the Cartoon appearing in the 1990's..Bert and Ernie How do you get your stock broker to take care of you Name him in your will.?

Pucca is a famous flash animated cartoon character. In america, you can watch her on Jetix. (channel 292 on directv) She constantly chases after the boy she loves, Garu. The show usually ends with ... Read More »

Do you have to send in a copy of a 1099 form with your tax return?

When submitting a tax return, taxpayers typically are not required to submit the actual 1099 form unless the 1099 reports that some federal income taxes were withheld. 1099 forms are known as infor... Read More »