Why would your 3G phone only function on the EDGE network?

Answer 4g is the best (it isn't even related to the question!) there both nearly the same but the 3g do have a wall paper after you unlock the ipod touch

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What Is the Edge Network?

The EDGE network stands for Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution. It is a third generation mobile data technology, according to AT&T. It is used to provide fast Internet service to cell phones,... Read More »

Difference between EDGE and 3G in mobile phone?

3g is better than edge because its alot faster when your using the internet and downloading things it can take forever if your using edge speed if you are downloading a 5 min. song if your using 3g... Read More »

What is the function of a network interface card?

Network interface cards (NICs) are hardware components installed on laptops or desktops. They allow machines to communicate across a protocol media such as wires or WiFi connections.FeaturesA netwo... Read More »

Do iPhone bumpers cover the whole phone or just around the edge?

I think that any iphone is better the droid because i think that Verizon copied off of the iphone. Also it costs less money and it is just as good as the droid(better). Last, the iphone is not as c... Read More »