Why would you wake up with a sore coccyx?

Answer It is very possible that you broke your coccyx (tailbone). If you go to the doctor they will give you some painkillers and a donut seat to sit on.

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Always wake up with a sore throat. Why?

You could be breathing through your mouth all night and snoring. IF so, your throat gets very dry and the friction from snoring can cause it to be tender. Does it go away after awhile? It also cou... Read More »

Why is my throat sore every morning when i wake up?

this is because your throat is dry. its dry because you sleep but you dont drink so when you have breakfast you consume liquid and it doesnt hurt anymore. there is no reason for you to go to the do... Read More »

How to Use a Coccyx Cushion?

Coccyx (tailbone) cushions, are common, inexpensive cushions, made of gel or heavy-duty foamform, with a cutout at the back near the base of the spine to relieve pressure on the tailbone or spine. ... Read More »

How do you know if your coccyx is broken or just bruised?

There is no medical treatment for a broken coccyx, other than trying to alleviate the symptoms. So whether it is broken or not, the treatment is the same. People often use padding for sitting, but... Read More »