Why would you need Roku if you already have an internet TV?

Answer DSL is not fast enough for streaming video, that is why the lag. The roku is just one of many ways to stream media. If you have something else that can do it, then there is no need for a roku.

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Why get a Roku when a (cheaper) internet-capable Blu-Ray player can do the same thing?

I have both a Panasonic BluRay player and the WD TV Live streamer.The Panasonic required an additional wireless dongle ($90) to go live but the WD box cost only $99.The Panasonic had 7 apps and in ... Read More »

What is the advantage of getting a Roku 3 over previous Roku models?

Its has a faster speed and will interface with dual band routers and high speed internet better; also will interface with your i-phone or android probably not much else though....

Can you get ESPN through roku?

Roku vs Apple TV which is better for $$?

I would go with Apple tv since ypou have an ipad and iphone that way you can also stream stuff from your iphone/ipad on your tv. weather your watching nexflix, playing a game, or using some other a... Read More »