"Why would you learn to make a fried egg sandwich"?

Answer As to why...because they taste so good.One can be creative by adding cheese, bacon, ham....or anything else...a dash of pepper, garlic powder or anything else one desires. Egg sandwich...simplicit... Read More »

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How to Make a Fried Egg Sandwich?

Great for on-the-go, especially for breakfast meals. This is a recipe for the classic fried egg sandwich.

How to Make a Fried Bologna Sandwich?

Fried bologna sandwiches are cheap, easy to make, and can be the main dish of a delicious meal.

How to Make a Fried Fish Sandwich?

This is a homemade version of a commercially available fish sandwich, such as a McDonald's Filet-Of-Fish & The BK Big Fish. This is a 2 layer version and you can make it healthier than a take-out v... Read More »

What do you like on your golden fried fish sandwich sandwich?

YUUUUUUUUUP!!!! Tomato would be an added bonus! :)