Why would you feel bad when no one replies to your text/message?

Answer Because the person could be mad at you for something you know that you didn't do but the person you are texting/calling doesn't. And you can't talk to them in person because ur in a different state

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When pregnant why would your stomach feel sunburned?

%DETAILS% Answer I felt the same thing, Gina, and no one could really explain it. I think it has to do with the skin stretching as my stomach got bigger. Thankfully, by the middle of the second tri... Read More »

What would cause your left arm muscle to ache and feel cold and your hand and fingers to feel very tingly?

Muscle aches and tingles Here are several possible explanations from WikiAnswers users: Vascular - There could be some reason for poor circulation to the arm/hand. This is very commonly caused by t... Read More »

Would bubbles in your stomach when you are pregnant an gas bubbles feel the same way?

Answer Normal gas bubbles are regionalized in your abdomen, you are usually aware that, "oh that was my stomach getting a little upset." If the bubbles are spread out in random places, and sometim... Read More »

If you were to have stitches on your foot would you feel comfy resting your legs on my shoulders?

Alessa will be here any minute now.Only if you mount pillows on there. I know about your foot fetish, so don't get any ideas.. :p