Why would you feel bad when no one replies to your text/message?

Answer Because the person could be mad at you for something you know that you didn't do but the person you are texting/calling doesn't. And you can't talk to them in person because ur in a different state

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I can't see replies to comments in Youtube?

The people behind YouTube have stuffed this up, I remember when it was like that too, anyway, what you have to do is go to the video that corresponds to your comment and go to all comments >show al... Read More »

UK replies only - Help !! Dell or PC World.?

Go with Dell. PC world over-charge and you pay more for the same spec. machine.Plus their sales people are only interested in the sale - not after sales service. They must be on a good commission i... Read More »

How to Get Twitter Replies Sent to Your Phone?

If you are constantly on the go, you can set up Twitter mobile notifications to receive texts when your Twitter friends, or "tweeps," post updates. This is a two-part process: You must enable texti... Read More »

Difference between DVD+RW and DVD_RW I asked this once and got zero replies. Does anyone know?

This is a litle more information than you asked for I hope it helps you!!!What is the difference between DVD-R / DVD-RW, DVD+R / DVD+RW, & DVD-RAM drives? DVD-R - pronounced ‘DVD R” (not “DVD... Read More »