Why would you NOT tip your waitress?

Answer bad service, being rude, lousy attitude - those defintely affect how I tip. But I never stiff them completely - then they just think I forgot. You send a better message when you leave just a nick... Read More »

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Would you leave a tip if the waitress was obviously drunk At a diner not a bar.?

I believe that a waitres' tip should directly coincide with her service. I usually start out with a point system. You get five points. For everything you do that pisses me off, I subtract points. F... Read More »

How much would you tip a waitress that forgot the salad and soup,before the main course?

It happens some times. Never judge a waiter on this alone. Always look at the following things when considering a tip.1). Did the waiter / waitress refill my drink before or right when it was emp... Read More »

When you tip your waitress?

nope, the supervisor probably gets a higher paycheck than the waitress, plus the server is the frontliner doing the dirty work-she should get the whole tip.

How to Keep Your Patience As a Waitress?

Every now and then a waitress has to encounter a rude costumer. With these few simple steps it may be a little easier to keep your patience.