They told me after Lasik surgery that I would have eyes like a hawk, is that why I crave rodents?

Answer lool at least you didn't get feather but can you fly

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Do you think it's right to make a child eat something that they say they don't like?

You're not getting up from the table until all those collards are gone so you might as well get with it young lady. ♥

You would like to write a letter to someone in the Marines thanking them for all the hard work they have done How do you go about doing that?

Consider contacting your local VFW and thanking him in person.

What do you think of those cleaning products called Bam. They seem like they have powerful chemicals?

Whenever I wonder how good a product is, I read people's reviews on the product. Amazon is an excellent source for reviews.According to Amazon, Bam is a decent product. 4 out of 6 people gave it ... Read More »

I have a brown sofa and would like to find a wall color that doesn't clash would like some ideas.?