Why would the pulse rate be elevated during a heat stroke?

Answer Normal body temperature for humans is 98.6 degrees. In heatstroke, the temperature can reach 104 degrees, creating a life-threatening situation. Our bodies try correcting the malfunction with numer... Read More »

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Where would you find the pulse on a stroke victim?

Usually in the same places you'd find a pulse on anyone else. Strokes typically occur within the brain, which isn't a good place to take a pulse (inside the skull???), so the subject being a stroke... Read More »

What causes high pulse rate during pregnancy?

It is drop in vascular resistance caused by progesterone that leads to an increase in pulse, and decrease in blood pressure.

Do you lose urinary volume during heat stroke?

Yes and no. Dehydration is usually comorbid with (occurring alongside) heat stroke. One result of dehydration is reduced urine volume so, while a patient displaying symptoms of heat stroke will li... Read More »

An Airman has collapsed on the flight-line because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke Because of the severity of this type of heat emergency you must immediately?

Word? You're asking this? You were born in California, that's in America. You're cool. Go to the local government office that handles birth and death certificates and they can get you a copy of you... Read More »