Why would the FDA approve...?

Answer they care about money more then the health of people

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Does the fda approve gmo popcorn?

The FDA, along with the USDA and the EPA, does have regulatory authority over genetically modified organisms (GMO). However, while many GMO corn varieties are available, there is currently no GMO ... Read More »

How to Get Your Mom to Approve of Your Friends?

Does your mom ever say you can't hang out with your friends?? If she does,do you get mad?

What does it mean to approve a deportation?

A deportation is approved by an immigration judge after the immigrant has been classified as illegal or has committed a crime that activates the removal process. An approval of deportation is simpl... Read More »

Who has to approve the draft?

Re-entry or RE codes are rarely changed. However, under certain circumstances, it can be done if an error or injustice is found in your record. You will need to submit a package to the Board for Co... Read More »