Why would someone put sand as topsoil?

Answer to improve drainge ANSWER: In the area that I live in, some people use sand as a filler to fill holes in their grass area that has been removed by erosion. It works, but is not the best thing to us... Read More »

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Would it hurt to have sand in my vagina?

wouldn't hurt as bad as rocks, or fire ants.

Would You Die If Someone Threw A Lamp Into The BathTub While Someone Is In There?

You're a Dick, and a troll. enough said here.

Why would someone want to drink someone else's urine?

It's not true love until you drink a warm frothy glass of your partner's pee. Guess you don't know true love yet.

If someone at hotmail has blocked my emails would they be returned to me, and would I be told?

from my understanding if they block you, they do not get returned. They only get returned to you when the person has closed their hotmail account. They can turn it back on though, think it is 170 d... Read More »