Why would someone post this on Wikipedia?

Answer I didn't get it too. I didn't lol though :)But I lolled at that Celtic fan :)BQ:I don't have a favorite page. I rarely go there to have some I just clicked on random page and I found this.h... Read More »

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Would an administrator please report this wikipedia article change someone made?

The page looks ok now. next time, please report Wikipedia issues on Wikipedia itself ;) Thanks!

Is it legal for wikipedia to post this…?

Yes. Although pornography must be limited to over 18s, images of nudity and sexual acts when used in a non-sexual or educational context is not counted as pornography and does not have to be age re... Read More »

Can someone find a certain uncopied image and post it on wikipedia for me?

The image would have to be public domain, or you'd have to get permission from the creator. If you find such an image, supply a link to it in your question. If it were easy to find, someone proba... Read More »

Would someone please post the ESPN SportsCentury video on Phil Jackson?