Why would someone make an article about a chair?

Answer There's actually quite a bit to learn about a chair. It is a fundamental furnishing developed thousands of years ago. Interestingly, it was not for common folks until rather recently. They come ... Read More »

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Would an administrator please report this wikipedia article change someone made?

The page looks ok now. next time, please report Wikipedia issues on Wikipedia itself ;) Thanks!

Would you feel happy if there was a wikipedia article about you?

As someone who's been involved as a member of the community of Wikipedia, I don't think I'd have a big problem with there being a Wikipedia article about me. For one thing, sure, while Wikipedia is... Read More »

I would like some input from our skeptic friends for this article about chiropractic care and neck pain?

I agree with Enzard's letter. Its a poor quality study that suffers from lack of blinding, no effort to control for placebo, relatively small sample size and other design flaws. No definitive con... Read More »

Can I make an article about myself on Wikipedia?

No, you can't. We discourage writing autobiographies at Wikipedia. If you are considered notable enough for inclusion, writing for yourself involves conflict of interest.To be notable enough, hit t... Read More »