Why would someone get a ticket for no proof of insurance when she is insured?

Answer Any number of reasons, 1 the driver was excluded or otherwise not an insured under your policy. or 2 insurance proof was not furnished in a form of writing when requested by the law enforcement off... Read More »

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If you have an insurance policy to drive any vehicle would you still be insured to drive a car that is not insured by the owner?

Answer The answer is "it depends." I know of no insurance companies that issue policies "to drive any vehicle" ... automobile insurance, at least in the USA, is based on the car being driven. In ... Read More »

If your wife had insurance on her car and gave you permission to drive it but the insurance did not cover you would you get a ticket for not having insurance if you got pulled over for speeding?

No proof of coverage Yes, You can be ticketed. If your name does not appear on the Insurance identification Card and you are pulled over you can certainly be ticketed as you are actually "Not Cover... Read More »

Can you buy insurance if you do not own a car but drive a car which belongs to someone else who is not insured?

Answer The vehicle is insured not the individual. You can pay for and obtain the insurance in the name of the owner with you listed as an insured operator.

Who is liable if you have insurance but you are driving someone else's car who is insured and there is an accident?

Who's Liable in an accident? Primary Legal and Financial Liability for an automobile accident is always with the driver of the vehicle at fault, "Coverage from the Owners Policy not withstanding" T... Read More »