Why would someone clean fruit and vegtables with hydrogen peroxide?

Answer Because he's a germophobe? It's not poisonous, you know. You can use it to whiten teeth, for example.

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How do you clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide?

Here are some instructions on how to clean your ears.Steps Q-Tip Method WARNING! Cleaning your ear with a Q-Tip or other similar devices is not recommended since it pushes parts of the earwax ins... Read More »

How do I clean hardwood floors with hydrogen peroxide?

Mop the floors every few days with a damp mop, using warm water only and wringing out as much water from the mop as possible. To disinfect, mix 1 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 1 gallon wa... Read More »

Is it safe to clean your belly rung with hydrogen peroxide?

I don't think I would use this ?I clean mine using surgical spirit

How safe is it using hydrogen peroxide to clean the outer ear canal?

Hydrogen peroxide is completely safe to cleanse the outer ear canal. After ear wax buildup is softened, you can place drops of hydrogen peroxide in the outer ear canal to help remove the wax.Source... Read More »