Why would someone add you on facebook, yet they never talk to you?

Answer Is she responding to anyone? Maybe she has no idea what she is doing and did not realize that you had tried to make contact with her. Just the other day I saw where people were talking to me, and... Read More »

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If I blocked someone on Facebook would they still get my last message?

Blocking them makes it impossible for them to send you a message but I think they can still read yours unless they Block you, too

How to Talk to Someone You've Never Met?

Speaking to someone you've never met is easy. The secret is to avoid waiting too long, because if you do, someone else might talk to him first, and then he will be gone. Take a deep breath, think o... Read More »

Why would an adoptee who has never searched say they KNOW they were "better off" adopted?

Many years ago I thought I knew I was better off being adopted. Then I stumbled upon a certain registry and found one rather insignificant post about a mother looking for her baby girl. Since that... Read More »

If someone is poked on Facebook and they have no friends, do they make a sound?

Yeah, they do. It is very similar to the sound that the tree did when it fell and no one was around. Actually it's the same. So yeah, but why would a tree fall if it's alone? Hmm.