Why would somebody put a child up for adoption?

Answer Chazz adopted Ez-at 15.

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Mothers who PUT their child up for ADOPTION! would you be curious to where that child is today!?

Of course birth mothers wonder about the child they have given up.I was just 14 when I gave my daughter up for adoption and not one day has passed where I haven't thought about her and have always ... Read More »

First Moms: If you knew your child would face such emotional distress surrounding adoption would you?

Good question although sorry you have had those thinking they can answer for natural parents stick their noses in with unwarranted opinions (and ignorant ones at that!)For me, I never knew adoption... Read More »

Why would a mother give her child up for adoption?

Because they realize they are not capable of caring for an infant at that particular time of their life. Perhaps they are not financially able, or not in good health, or any number of legitimate re... Read More »

What reference would a DNA test be if the child in question was given up for adoption?

The DNA test could show the biological parents of the child. This could come into play in an adoption if a father was challenging the adoption.