Why would schools want to block wikipedia?

Answer It is considered an open source, meaning anybody can add to it without it being checked for authenticity. A lot of information found there is false or misleading. Because of this it has lost it's... Read More »

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I want to be a famous person of the world and i want that wikipedia create a page for me. How can i get thats?

Is there any way to block Wikipedia from web search results?

I'm not sure it'll work on the search engine you use, but some will allow you to exclude results by entering a minus sign (-) and whatever you want to exclude (wikipedia). So, a sample search for '... Read More »

How come a foolish administrator can block you from wikipedia?

1. How can you block his access either?I don’t think you can2. How can you unblock yourself?You can appeal your block see:…3. How do you become an admini... Read More »

I want to get a tattoo but i am a lawyer...i want it on my you think this would be appropriate.?

Just as long as it isn't visable, shouldn't be a problem at all.