Why would policy makers sacrifice major international progress for minor domestic policy gains?

Answer I would think the reasons would depend on the details. Here are possible reasons that could be a factor. International benefits may hard to measure. Some foreign governments are notoriously unrelia... Read More »

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American foreign policy and domestic policy?

Was early us foreigh policy a primarily a defensive reaction to perceived or actual theats from Europe asses the validity of this generation with reference to us foreign policy on two major issues?

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What sort of policy leads to majoritarian politics during the debate over policy formulation and policy adoption?

The answer varies based on location. In some places it may be allowed, but not in others. You would need to check the laws in your area. It IS possible to adopt an adult... but in order to adopt so... Read More »

Why do you think US foreign policy advisers have moved from a policy of isolationism toward a policy of internationalism?

To be very brief, it is because the interests of the US have become so broad that it is now necessary to protect them in one way or another all over the globe. Immediately after the Revolutionary W... Read More »