Why would people eat testicles?

Answer It depends on which animal's testicles you are eating. In Indonesia and Malaysia they have this delicacy called "torpedo soup" which is a bull's phallus dipped in spices with his testicles diced an... Read More »

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If the Coon Chicken Inn would reopen, how many people would eat there?

Ah yes...IFC is showing CSA again aren't they.....No one would be able to get past the lines of people holding up protest signs to get in IMHO>

If you had your way,what would be the minimum age you would allow people to drive?

The minimum requirements to drive should be a high school diploma or GED cert., completing a formal certified professional driver's ed program and be at least 18 yrs. old. This way the pressures of... Read More »

What would kind of protein powders would people recommend to get and where from?

I wouldn't recommend them at all. They are highly processed crap with chemically synthesized replicas of nutrients.Eat some cashew butter, some beans or an avocado. It's tastier, more effectively... Read More »

Who would you invite over for dinner name 6 famous people you would like at your table?

Angelina Jolie, You, Lily Allen, Brad Pitt, Jhony Depp and me