Why would parent not make a four year old girl wear underwear?

Answer clearly because the child is still using dippers, the parent forgot to put an underware on the child or the parent is a complete lunatic

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Is it ok for a 13 year old to wear sexy underwear?

Okay, first off, you are ONLY 13 years old. I think that a girl your age and up to the age of 17 even should be concentrating on school, family, and if you have a boyfriend, anything but any kind ... Read More »

What underwear should ten year old girls wear?

Colors doesn't matter but underwear should be in cotton so it breaths and can be washed in high degrees so the bacteria dies. How high she wants them is up to her but they should cover her butt and... Read More »

What is the risk of pregnancy for a girl age 17 when man already wear underwear and contacting the vaginal area?

Chances of Pregnancy you cant get pregnant through underwear. you have to have intercourse-------------------------------------I got to argue that one. even dry humping can lead to a pregnancy. If ... Read More »

Should a 10 year old girl be able to wear make-up?

very light make up on her eyes may be.. I think at that age, it's kind of critical - hormones are starting to acting up and acne is on it's way.