Why would one dog pull out another dog's hair?

Answer Though a reasonably normal occurrence in canine behavior, dogs will pull, bite, gnaw, or rip its own hairs out by the pawful. This tendency extends to dogs' pulling out another dog's hair as well.... Read More »

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Pull my hair then bite my nose, oh by the way, Would you mind topping that off with a little spit up?

he smacks me in the face.. or he farts and turns around to make sure I heard him.. and then he cracks up... he's 15 months old and already a man...

Coffee/Smoothie Cafe. Would fresh coffees & smoothies pull you in off the street, & what would U like &expect?

First good luck to you in your venture...and gathering information...You mentioned young dudes...i don't qualify but used to work in a bookstore/coffeeshop and it was the best job in the world!When... Read More »

If i wanted to go to college in another country or in another state how would i do that?

Another state is fairly easy. Another country requires you obtain a student visa for that country (not too difficult, but you still have to get the visa)

Would it be illegal for a friend to pull a tooth out?

This is a grey area between rendering emergency first aid and practicing medicine without a license. I'm not sure where this falls. Maybe you could post this in one of the legal forums and get a mo... Read More »