Why would my foot hurt now?

Answer Well is it your foot or your ankle? If it's your foot, is it on the heels, the arch, or the metatarsal arch (ball of foot). If its your ankle, it very well could be sprained or at least strained. A... Read More »

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What would happen if my foot becomes infected from the piece of glass in my foot. ?

holy crap people on this site get way too over dramatic with this stuff. CALM DOWN you don't need to get your foot amputated. if it were that bad your foot would be black by now and you wouldn't ... Read More »

I fell and hurt my foot....?

I would go just to get checked out and be sure. I broke my ankle over 10years ago adn my ankle is still weak. Hope all goes ok Xx

Why does the bottom of my foot hurt?

Sounds like Plantar Faceitis. You should see a doctor.

How bad does a foot tattoo hurt?

It is one of the most painful places because like previously stated its skin on bone. Places with more meat hurt less. It will probably be around the same pain as your ribs or knees.