Why would my foot hurt now?

Answer Well is it your foot or your ankle? If it's your foot, is it on the heels, the arch, or the metatarsal arch (ball of foot). If its your ankle, it very well could be sprained or at least strained. A... Read More »

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I'v hurt my foot and i need help!?

go to dr. dear....he can help u better....

My foot and ankle really hurt?

Your foot has simply "gone to sleep" because you were sitting on it. It should wear off very soon. Keep slowly moving it back and forth and round and round. If you can get your foot into some warm ... Read More »

I hurt my foot and its swollen what do i do?

Thereis not alot of fat for protection on the top of your foot, and it swelling lasts for as long as you describe i would definitely go get an xray. You should probably go asap because if it is b... Read More »

I hurt my foot and something happened?