Why would my contacts give me red eye?

Answer Wearing contacts, especially for extended periods, can cause red eyes due to dryness or irritation. Eye redness is common because of allergies and other factors, but it might indicate ocular abrasi... Read More »

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Contacts give me your oppinion:?

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Are we allowed to give updates to out contacts and friends on here/?

How much do regular clear contacts cost give an estimation?

medstudent doesn't seem to know he is paying about $115.00 too much. Oasys should be about $40.00 a box x 4 , for 6 months, = $160.00It's so difficult to give prices. It depends on what brand of le... Read More »

Would you give your child, "The Swine Flu Shot Knowing it is linked to Killer Nerve Disease". Would you?

though long read scared me what I learned in answering this question (found when discussing the polio vaccine and its link to the majority of cancers) it the smoking gun?They are too o... Read More »