Why would my Child have small round white patches on the front of his tongue?

Answer Answer Could it be thrush? You should check with your pediatrician.

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White patches on tongue?

Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have diarrhea. If there is a change in frequency or consistency of stool doctor should be consulted. Maternal medication may also cause diarrhea. Infective diar... Read More »

My tongue is sore with white patches?

What causes small painless white bump at tip of tongue?

What could be a small hard lump directly in front of a tongue piercing that is a few years old?

Answer Is the lump a few years old, or is it relatively new? If it is old, it may be granulation (scar) tissue. Or it may be a benign (non-cancerous) tumor called a fibroma or lipoma. It may al... Read More »