Why would it be a good idea to start a business at home?

Answer Although business ownership can have its downside, running a home-based business offers increased flexibility and other advantages for people who like being their own boss.Types of Home BusinessTra... Read More »

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I work at a lumber yard and know all the good sub contractors. Would it be a good idea to build my own home?

There are so many properties on the market at a budget price, which are cheaper than buying the materials you need to build the same house.

What would be a good name for my home bakery business?

The Sweet Spot. If you're looking to try to get your name out there in the food industry, check out It's an online food ordering site for restaurants and food trucks and it helps pro... Read More »

Is this a good idea - Recording the whereabouts of home contents on home answering machine?

Hahaha...I never thought of that,,but a lot of people may as well I "spose if theyre just advertising the fact that theyre not home...but if they came to my place,,they'd be in for a shock as I rar... Read More »

Im 13 and is a good idea to have a computer reair business?

Gotta say yes, that's what I do. Now that being said, remember this, you are young and I don't know how much YOU know, but if you got the mind for it and you MAKE SURE you tell them your age and th... Read More »