Why would donkeys dig in the soil?

Answer Donkeys dig in the soil for several reasons. All reasons are closely related and are based on the animals' natural habitat.Natural HabitatThe donkey, Equus asinus, is native to the African savanna.... Read More »

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If I put soil on my stomach would plants grow?

Oh my God, that just sounds disgusting... Makes me want to itch the crap out of my skin. And no the roots won't grow into your body.

How much would 2 cubic feet of soil weigh?

It all depends on the weight of the soil and what type of soil it is to find how much two feet of soil weighs.

What bagged soil amendments would be best for potatoes?

Straight compost is probably best, especially if you use a grow bag or grow box. Add sulfur to the mix, though, if your water source if off the Edwards aquifer. The pH of Edwards is ~9.0, which w... Read More »

What would the best soil and care for a san Pedro cactus?

san Pedro being a cactus should have a fast draining soil, i usually mix half commercial potting mix with sand and maybe some diatomaceous earth or pumice to increase the drainage if your ambitious... Read More »