Why would donkeys dig in the soil?

Answer Donkeys dig in the soil for several reasons. All reasons are closely related and are based on the animals' natural habitat.Natural HabitatThe donkey, Equus asinus, is native to the African savanna.... Read More »

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Once a day i have given my soil salty water the plant died now i washed the soil and again potted in a pot but?

Why in any logic, or language, did you add salt??????This has to be a WILD and CRAZY GUY TROLLING, especially when I consider the attempt at Broken English between the question and first answer. T... Read More »

Does grass grow faster in store-bought soil or soil out of the ground?

The growing rate of grass depends on the quality of the soil. The fastest way to get your grass to grow is to have your soil assessed to see what fertilizers and supplements need to be added. It is... Read More »

Can donkeys have babies?

Donkeys have 62 matched chromosomes and can reproduce normally and bear offspring, unlike the hybrid mix of a mule or a hinny, which is a cross between a horse and a donkey.Source:Stanford School o... Read More »

How heavy are donkeys?

Donkeys can weigh up to about 570 lbs. and can stand about 55 inches at the shoulder. Their average weight is 250 to 400 lbs. Donkeys have three size classifications: miniature, standard and mammot... Read More »