Why would cervical disc disease cause balance problems?

Answer Disc disease can occur anywhere in the spine, and cervical disc disease affects the neck area (seven cervical vertebrae and discs). Severe disease might interrupt normal spinal cord function, which... Read More »

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What is a cervical herniated disc?

The discs on the cervical vertebra act as cushions between the bones of the spine in the neck region. Herniation of these discs on the cervical spine may cause potential risks for various debilitat... Read More »

What does a cervical herniated disc look like?

A herniated cervical disc is a cushioning disc between two neck bones (vertebrae) that has ruptured and lost its structural integrity. This type of injury resembles a punctured tire or a jelly doug... Read More »

How to Heal a Cervical Bulging Disc?

A herniated disc develops when a vertebral disc either ruptures or bulges into the spinal canal, sometimes compressing a nerve in the process. Disc bulges occur naturally during the aging process. ... Read More »

What are the treatments for a herniated cervical disc?

A herniated cervical disc is literally a "pain in the neck." Discs between the vertebrae act as protective cushions. When a disc ruptures, the inside bulges out and presses against the spine. Treat... Read More »