Why would cervical disc disease cause balance problems?

Answer Disc disease can occur anywhere in the spine, and cervical disc disease affects the neck area (seven cervical vertebrae and discs). Severe disease might interrupt normal spinal cord function, which... Read More »

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What disease would cause a cat to stop eating?

Cats don't stop eating because they've suddenly become finicky or stubborn. Cats who go without food for more than 24 hours can develop hepatic lipidosis, a serious and sometimes fatal liver diseas... Read More »

Can allowing children to throw pennies in the pool cause chemical balance problems in a chlorine pool like affecting the PH and causing metal stains?

If your pool is properly water balanced and has a pH near 7.5 (certainly greater than 7.2), then it is unlikely that the copper pennies will be a problem with either water balance or stains. Rememb... Read More »

What skin disease would cause a large red raised bump to appear on a babys cheeks?

How to Heal a Cervical Bulging Disc?

A herniated disc develops when a vertebral disc either ruptures or bulges into the spinal canal, sometimes compressing a nerve in the process. Disc bulges occur naturally during the aging process. ... Read More »