Why would anyone want 130 cats?

Answer I don't really know who is actually qualified to answer the Why of this but as I have some personal experience with this I am probably well qualified.I can recall as young as 5 years old wanting to... Read More »

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Would anyone would want a blonde 14 5 yr old girl?

You can't use this site to FIND someone to adopt you. Sorry. There are websites for adoption, see the link below, perhaps one of them can help you.

Why would anyone want to join MySpace?

I agree with you, i also think its kinda pathetic.

Why would anyone want to be a Traffic Warden?

If you are a sadistic thug who gets pleasure from being abused then why not?

Whats the difference between a mac and a pc. why would anyone want a pc then?

The only REAL difference is the operating system. Today's PCs have Microsoft's Windows Vista or XP operating system. Macs have a totally new operating system called OS X. OSX and Windows is technic... Read More »