Why would anyone use Explorer if they could get Firefox for Free ?

Answer why people buy botteled water in new yourk? when the tap water in NY is supposed to be better than anywhere in the world?so they are Fans of IDIOT IC MS!!!!!if you have a older system RIP that crap... Read More »

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Vegans, why do you care so much about the animals I am sure they would kill you if they could?

I am actually caring more about animals and their welfare as I am quickly losing faith in my fellow humans who have no compassion for animals or people for that matter.

What Internet Browser would you rather use FIREFOX,SAFARI,INTERNET EXPLORER ?

Internet Explorer, but my university we have Firefox.

Does anyone remember a kids tv show during the 90s where they wore backpacks that shot cables that they could slide across?

a device like this was used by the astronaut Major Matt Mason. He was an action figure and had a trick backpack with a winch, as well as the obligatory oxygen supply tanks, etc. it gave the illusio... Read More »

Could an adopted child's birth certificate be changed so they would not be able to tell they were adopted?

Answer Yes. When a child is legally adopted the child's original birth certificate is amended by court order. The birth certificate will then bear the surname of the adoptive parents and perhaps ... Read More »