Why would anyone use Explorer if they could get Firefox for Free ?

Answer why people buy botteled water in new yourk? when the tap water in NY is supposed to be better than anywhere in the world?so they are Fans of IDIOT IC MS!!!!!if you have a older system RIP that crap... Read More »

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Which one is better Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7?

There's quite a few differences, and which is better is a matter of opinion. If I told you one or the other is better, it would be a lie considering what is better to me may not be better to you.Ho... Read More »

Is firefox really better than Internet explorer?

It's really a personal preference more than anything else. I think Firefox is a much more intelligently designed web browser in terms of look and feel, but that's just my opinion. Some may say it... Read More »

Do you have Firefox or Internet Explorer?

I use Firefox only because I've had a lot of trouble with Internet Explorer freezing up etc on me and find firefox more reliable for my computer. I also like that with Firefox I can type in part of... Read More »

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox which is the best..?

Firefox, I live buy it. Much more stable and organized.Wont affect your computer if you download both at all.Pros- easier to use, more customization options, tabbed browsing is alot better.Cons- i ... Read More »