Why would anyone shop at the Co - op?

Answer The things I buy there are cheaper than the other supermarkets. They sell 1% milk which you can't always get anywhere else. I know Tesco sell it sometimes. My husband asked them why they stopped se... Read More »

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Would you buy a Webcam off an ebay shop Or would you go to an actual shop, to buy one?

use Ebay you can get things 1/2 the price (or less) you pay in shops , i've just picked a netgear DG834GT router up for 15 quid on there

Hey i just turned 15 and I don't know where to shop Can anyone please make a list of stores to shop at?

These are the clothing stores that My friends and I shop at:Hollister (scarves too)Abercrombie (and Fitch) (scarves too)Steve and Barry's H&MTarget (scarves too)Kohls (scarves too)TJMaxx (scarves t... Read More »

If I went to buy you in a shop, Would it be a top west end store or a second hand shop in the east end?

Who exactly are YOU to assume that I am for sale...............! ! !

On a black Friday would you rather shop online or shop in a store?

I shop online - what I find in the stores is that they have an item on sale (but may carry 10-15 items) and they rest wont come out of the stock room.- they limit the quantity. I also cannot stand... Read More »