Why would anyone eat haggis ?

Answer Because it's delicious?It's just a Scottish version of sausage, you understand that, right? There are FAR scarier things in hot dogs and Wall's pork & beef chipolatas than there are in haggis!

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Anyone got recipes for haggis?

haggis/sausagemeat/mince burgerhaggis and egg deep fried in batter[edinburgher chippy]haggis rolled in venison olives then torched in scotch[not malt]haggis mixed with mashed potato and fried in bu... Read More »

Would anyone consider a Sunday or weekend boycott on buying gasoline How would you do it?

It's been tried in the past and didn't work very well. For one thing, people have to go fill up before it or after it, so the oil companies don't miss much. A new thing has been going around the ... Read More »

Would you know anyone who would like a beer dispenser?

I would like to design my own web site. Dose anyone know how I can find software that would be easy to use?

I would have to say find a site with tutorials on HTML and CSS.Then use notepad. Hand coding will help you understand how the website works, which will help you with current projects and projects i... Read More »