Why would anyone choose to be a foot doctor?

Answer My grandfather always used to say that if you want to be successful in life and make good money you need to do the job that nobody else wants to do. Any kind of doctor makes an excellent living, ev... Read More »

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Wondering why any doctor would subject anyone to chemo?

"Quotes" ? Yep, quote mining is a poor and frequently invalid form of taking a quote out of context and pretending it is a fact on its own. Don't forget: Increases in cancer are due to people livi... Read More »

If your doctor told you that one more drink would kiII you, what drink would you choose as your last?

ooh GOOD pull straight from a handle of captain morgan till i died. maybe id finish the whole thing.

If you had to choose between a hotdog, hamburger or hotwings what would you choose and why would you choose it?

Though i don't agree with how the chicken is slaughtered and what it goes through to end up in front of me. i Love chicken, chicken wings would be my absolute favorite. when chicken wings aren't av... Read More »

Besides going to see a doctor, does anyone know how I would go about removing a wood splinter from my finger?

not really much you can do at this point besides seek medical attention-your body would have already removed it by itself. do NOT try to "fish or dig" it out on your own-you could push the splinter... Read More »