Why would an organization consider investing in short-term funds overseas?

Answer Moving funds between countries is something investors do to get a better rate of return or to play the differences in exchange rates. Organizations moving funds overseas have additional reasons for... Read More »

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Principal Factors to Consider in Choosing a Form of Business Organization?

Choosing a form of business is crucial to a successful organization. The choice of a business entity will depend on a case-by-case basis with what the owners of the business entity want to accompli... Read More »

Do you consider 5ft short?

Yes, it is short. I'm a member of the shorta'ss club

Anyone enrolled in Tom Butler's short sale magic mentoring program through vision investing?

How do you spell SCAM? Oh, yeah. S C A M!SCAM!

Would anyone consider a Sunday or weekend boycott on buying gasoline How would you do it?

It's been tried in the past and didn't work very well. For one thing, people have to go fill up before it or after it, so the oil companies don't miss much. A new thing has been going around the ... Read More »