Why would an English bulldog lose his hair?

Answer English bulldogs make wonderful pets and loyal companions. This unique breed is full of spirit and personality. Unfortunately, many English bulldogs have a number of health and skin problems. If yo... Read More »

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What is the difference between an Old English bulldog& an English bulldog?

When looking at the English bulldog compared to the Old English bulldog you notice differences in their size and features; however, there are also differences in their health, life expectancy, livi... Read More »

English Bulldog Games?

They may look cranky with that wrinkly face and stout and muscular build, but English bulldogs are the ultimate family dog. Easy going and affectionate, bulldogs crave human attention. Their high t... Read More »

How often do you have to brush an English bulldog?

To eliminate dander and keep the dog's coat shiny, major kennels recommend that guardians brush English bulldogs' fur at least three times per week. Because bulldogs have short, dense coats, they d... Read More »

How to Care for an English Bulldog?

With a loveable appearance and gentle manners, the English Bulldog is a attraction to many. But are you ready to care for this often-stubborn Bulldog?