Why would an 8 year old walk on his toes all the time?

Answer I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.

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What would cause a 12-year-old to feel cold all the time?

Answer Try a little exercise first. Try brisk walk or run outside for at least a half hour per day. Do that for at least a month, if that doesn't help, ask your doctor. Answer Before letting you... Read More »

Would i get a boot for 2 broken toes?

Depends on the severity of the break. You could get a shoe that velcro's on your foot. It sort of looks like a sandal with a very stiff soul so you cannot bend your toes. (It acts like a boot but i... Read More »

What should you do if you are a 14 year old guy and you walk in on your 9 year old sister masturbating?

Remember to knock next time. Say nothing, and tell no one not even your best friend.

Could a 14-year-old who lives in North Carolina with their mom all the time but would like to spend alternate weeks with their dad tell the judge that is how they would like the custody to be divided?

Answer Yes, a child of 14 could request to speak to the judge in private to explain how they feel.There is no guarantee, however, that the judge would grant the child's request, as custodial decis... Read More »