Why would a plant be categorized as a weed?

Answer When a plant is in a place where it is not wanted, it is categorized as a - A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is ... Read More »

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What is this plant/weed?

It looks like a day lily. Latin: Hemerocallis.

How much do you water a weed plant?

It depends upon what kind of weed plant it is; and where you have the plant. Is it inside, or outdoors? If it's inside, is the plant located in a conservatory, greenhouse or hothouse type environme... Read More »

What type of plant/weed is this?

cudweed if the leaf underside is grey probably Gnaphalium spicatum Shiny Cudweedor wild lettuce if not. possibly Lactuca seriolaroundup

How Soon Can I Plant After Using Weed Killer?

Spraying weed killer is a very common way to deal with areas infested by weeds. Many people spray their gardens before planting time -- to remove unwanted growth and to make room for their chosen p... Read More »