Why would a parrot stop talking?

Answer Parrots are known to be talkative birds. Most owners have a hard time keeping them quiet. If your parrot went silent after being a busy talker, there are a few possible causes for Polly's silence.N... Read More »

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What is the smallest talking parrot?

The Pacific Parrotlet, also known as the Celestial or Lesson's Parrotlet, is the smallest talking parrot in the world. These tiny parrots average 4.8 inches and weigh in at only 1.1 ounce.Source:Wo... Read More »

How to Prevent or Stop a Parrot from Plucking?

An example of a minor case of plucking in a Blue and Gold Macaw.Plucking is a bad problem that no one is quite sure how to stop. However, here are a few simple ways to prevent - or stop - your parr... Read More »

How can I stop someone on fb talking to me?

Delete Her or Remove Her From your Friends List Facebook is About Connecting with your Friends and Family that you Know in Real Life you Dont Know That Person

How to Know when to Stop Talking?

guys talking to eachotherEver find yourself talking at the wrong time? Or people rolling their eyes at you because you just won't stop? Here are a couple signs that will help you figure out when to... Read More »